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Wedding Books

OK, here's the Wedding books we have so far. I know Dan and Vicky have already promised us their stash of wedding books when they recover from their immenient Date With Destiny. And I'm not reviewing these yet. I just have a few seconds that I wasn't typing anything else...

Christmas present from the Reids:

Your Stress-Free Wedding Planner by Judy Allen. "Experts best secrets to creating the wedding of your dreams." Spiral-bound with section tabs and lots of check-lists and fill-in-the-blanks.

Borrowed from my friend Kerianne:

The Bride's Book of Lists by Amy Nebens. "Things to Do & Questions to Ask." Little spiral-bound with section tabs and lots of check-lists and fill-in-the-blanks, and an elastic strap that wraps around and holds it closed.

The Knot Book of Wedding Flowers by Carley Roney. Everyone keeps saying that The Knot is a great wedding web site. Noted.

Anti-Bride Guide by Carolyn Gerin and Stephanie Rosenbaum. "Tying the Knot Outside the Box." Spiral-bound with section-tabs (I'm sensing a pattern here) and lots of hip illustrations and pockets on each section divider to hold your little lists and stuff.

The Desiderata of Love by Max Ehrmann. "A collection of poems for the beloved." Erica had an early bad experience with the audio version of the Deteriorata, a parody of the Desiderata, and just seeing the title of this book gave her the jeebies.


Erica, you are so sweet! I am so excited for you. Not that you asked, but I really got a lot of milage out of "the anti-bride etiquette guide." If you need any help let me know!!

Erica, you are NOT a "fluke of the universe"!!!!!!