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Invitation Day

Today is invitation day! We're making the big push to get the invitations printed and addressed and collated and mailed. Erica's in the dining room addressing envelopes. By hand! She's up to the Ses. When you get your invite, please admire her lovely penpersonship.

I'm in the office sheparding 270 invites through the printer. (And getting caught up on the show with zefranks.) I've printed all the fronts and now I'm sending them all back through the printer, which is going pretty well except for the occasional paper jam because the card stock got curved a little going through the printer the first time. Then it's just information sheets and RSVP notes. Hmm... we might be up late.

The invitation features an awesome illustration by the awesome Kate O'Leary. If you want to be surprised when you get the invite, don't follow the "read more" link...

Erica and Fuzzy wedding invite

It's us as cat-people, not us as cats -- don't get it twisted!


I am staring at the 'puter screen, wide-eyed, hand covering mouth and giggling ... because this is so damn cute!

I agree with Erin - it is so damn cute!!!