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Vicksburg Post

If you live in Vicksburg, Mississippi (and who doesn't?) you can pick up a copy of today's Vicksburg Post and see our beaming faces smiling at you to announce our engagement and wedding to all of Vicksburg society.

We originally sent them our "eyes peeking over the edge" engagement photo, which got Erica a phone call from the V'burg Post staff telling her that they can't print "non-traditional photos" because then everyone would want to have non-traditional photos. Great, say I, welcome to the 21st Century. But they were not swayed by any of Erica's arguments, so we ended up sending them a more normal picture.

Erica tells me that in Mississippi people often don't send out wedding invitations, they just print their announcement in the paper and say "all welcome". So, if anybody from Vicksburg wants to just show up, well, the more the merrier.